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Our programme is guided by Te Whariki, the Early Childhood Curriculum which is made up of five strands - wellbeing, belonging, contribution, communication and exploration.

Children are free  to discover through real life experiences while developing relationships and appreciation for the environment . Taking care of the chickens and collecting their eggs, weeding gardens and caring for growing vegetables, cooking and baking with the produce are all part of taking ownership and respecting our environment.
Regular excursions to the local shop to purchase necessities, to Turua school for new entrant class visits and events and to the Turua domain to explore the native bush are all regular happenings that support children's sense of belonging within their community.

Kohikohia ngᾱ kᾱkano, whakaritea te pᾱrakereke, kia puᾱwai ngᾱ hua

Gather the seeds, prepare the seedbed carefully, and you will be gifted with an abundance of food -
(Te Whatu Pokeka).